Tips & Tricks: Speaker

Amplify Sound!


The Speaker module is kind of like a translator for your littleBits circuits. It takes electrical signals from the modules (or from the input jack) and translates those signals into vibrations (sound).

Inputs and Outputs:

In addition to the standard littleBits magnetic connections, you can also connect to your Speaker module through the two 3.5 mm audio jacks. One jack is an input that lets you connect things like mp3 players so they play through the speakers. The other jack is an output, which lets you connect things like headphones or other speakers. If you want to listen to your circuit privately, just plug in some headphones, and if you want to get really loud, you can go from the output jack into a stereo or amplifier.


Combine the Microphone with the Speaker

What happens when you combine a motorcycle helmet with the littleBits Space Kit? A space helmet with communication equipment! Combine the microphone and speaker to amplify your voice. Place the microphone close to your mouth to make cool distorted “Houston…we have a problem” sound. This project was designed by our community PRO, Tmax.



Speaker Light Show:

You can create a laser light show using the vibrating diaphragm of your speaker. We placed a small mirror on top of the speaker diaphragm (the shiny round part that vibrates to make noise) and bounced the laser from a laser pointer off of it. The result: a laser light show on the wall.

Here is our setup:

Dancing Light Setup

And here’s the show:

We had about 20 ft. between the mirror and the wall with the dancing laser on it. Try to get as much distance as you can between the two. Long distances will do the best job of amplifying tiny vibrations on the mirror.

Speaker Blower

As the speaker diaphragm vibrates back and forth, it pushes air in and out of the speaker chamber. Playing loud music can create a pretty strong burst of air. Check out our speaker blower experiment below:

You can also visualize sound waves from the speaker with liquid. Try this wave generator experiment.

Stick it anywhere with Dual Lock:

The speaker is held onto the circuit board with two strips of 3M™ Dual Lock™. If you want to stick your speaker on something else, just use another strip of Dual Lock™ and you’ll have another removable speaker mount.

Dual Lock Apply

Dual Lock

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