Control Hub Bit


The control hub Bit is like your Droid’s brain, and it allows your Droid to communicate with your smart device. It does these things using Bluetooth Low Energy technology.


The control hub Bit is equipped with several components. Like all other Bits, the bitSnap on the left side of the control hub Bit receives signals from any Bits before it. The signal it receives is sent directly to your device. The three bitSnaps on the right side of the control hub Bit are controlled through your device.

The white cylinder at the center of the control hub Bit is a speaker – it is your Droid’s voice box! Connect to the littleBits Droid Inventor app to trigger your Droid’s many sounds. There may even be a mission that allows you to record your own sound bites…


The control hub Bit is also equipped with two LEDs (short for Light Emitting Diode). The RGB (or Red, Green, Blue) LED near the top edge of the Bit visualizes your Droid’s voice and personality. The smaller, regular LED near the bottom edge of the Bit is a status indicator that turns green when the control hub Bit has successfully connected to your device. The RGB LED blinks blue when your Droid is speaking.




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