3D Printed Parts And Accessories

3D Printed Parts And Accessories

For 3D printer users, there is an open source repository online that includes some parts/accessories designed by our bitSter community and a few from us as well. Rbrodie, a veteran community member, designed a series of parts that are meant to make your life easier when mounting the DC motor and the servo in your projects. The part below for example, solves a problem that you might have encountered, which is the secure placement of the DC motor on a surface. This 3D-printed part is meant to be used when you have the DC motor ‘freestanding’ after a wire module. There is a base that you screw to the surface you are mounting the Bits on and the two clips that slide into the base, securing the motor to the surface. The clips also reinforce the magnetic connections between the modules. large_filled_DSC_0013

You can see the project here: http://littlebits.cc/projects/littlebits-dc-motor-mount

He provided a similar solution for the servo motor:


We thought that Rbrodie‘s designs were brilliant and remixed some of his accessories for projects of our own:

1. We took the DC motor mount and added the characteristic littleBits feet to the base so that it can snap into the Mounting Board. We also flipped the orientation of the clips in order to mount the motor vertically.


2. We took the Servo mount, added the littleBits feet, and created 3 new versions for positioning it in variety of orientations: a vertical mount, a horizontal mount, and a flush mount:





Last but not least, we’ve talked about connecting littleBits and LEGO® in a seperate Tips & Tricks post, but we recently discovered a new LEGO® adaptor by VengTheVader. In this case, the clips provide technic-style axle holes to fix the modules to technic frames.


Links to littleBits on Shapeways and Thingiverse:




To finish this first entry on mechanical accessories, we are also finally releasing all the digital tools you’ll need to support 3D digital fabrication yourself. It’s a package that contains:


Digital Tools

Product CAD Data: *.STEP and *.STL files of different size modules including the bodies of the connectors, so you build around them with micro-precision.

Vector files with the most commonly used templates (A grid with the bitSnap feet pattern so you can design your own mounting boards, PCB sizes, etc…)

Enjoy it, it’s yours!



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