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Anyone can be an inventor with the right tools! Get started with perfectly curated packs.

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Ggk2 kit

Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition


Create and control your own app-enabled games, pranks, and crazy contraptions.

For ages 8+

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Ryr kit

Rule Your Room Kit


Create touch-activated inventions to control your stuff. Great for kids & younger makers.

For ages 8+

Synth kit

Synth Kit


Create your own instruments and electronic music. Great for kids and musicians of all ages.

For ages 14+

Advanced kits

Love to code? Need a custom smart device? We've got the perfect kit for you.

Arduino Coding Kit


Create programmable inventions & learn basic coding. Great for older kids & prototypers.

For ages 14+

Smart Home Kit


Create DIY smart home inventions that you control over the internet. Great for DIY’ers.

For ages 14+

cloudBit Starter Kit


Get a taste for creating your own smart devices. Great for DIY'ers.

For ages 14+

Hardware Development Kit


Create a working prototype of your dream Bit. Great for hardware pros.

For ages 14+

Big kits

Big kits mean big creative possibilities for large groups & workshops.

Educator Favorite
Workshopcollection 2 5380 lr

Workshop Set


Create workshops in your makerspace, library, or after-school program. Great for collaboration.

For 1 - 16 inventors

Pro Library


Create big inventions in a group setting. Great for schools, libraries, and makerspaces.

For 1 - 32 inventors