All Bits work with each other! Add individual Bits to your kits for bigger inventions & interactions.

Power Bits

Blue Bits provide the juice to get inventions up and running.



The power Bit lets you use a 9-volt battery to supply power to all your connected Bits.

usb power


Connect a USB cable to your computer or phone charger to start powering your inventions.

Input Bits

Input Bits are pink. They are the eyes and ears of the system.

bend sensor


The bend sensor turns on as you flex the long strip.



You've used a button before! This is a clicker, tact switch, etc...



The littleBits delay Bit takes incoming audio and repeats it, like an echo.



The dimmer Bit lets you control your creations with a simple knob.



The envelope modifies the loudness contour of a sound.



The filter affects a note's timbre by changing the relative volume of certain frequencies.



The Keyboard features 13 switches that make an octave of notes so you can play melodies.

light sensor


The light sensor measures how much light is shining on it. It has 2 modes: light & dark.



The microphone Bit translates sound into the electronic language of littleBits.

micro sequencer


The micro sequencer sends out voltages based on the position of each of the 4 knobs.



The mix Bit allows you to combine 2 inputs and send them to a single output.

motion trigger


The motion trigger is a sensor that detects the slightest movement around it.

MP3 Player


The MP3 player allows you to play your very own MP3 files using littleBits.



The oscillator creates audio tones that can be manipulated with its pitch nob and tune dial.

pressure sensor


The pressure sensor is a touch-activated Bit. Give its pad a squeeze to activate it!



The pulse Bit is like an electronic heartbeat. It sends out a stream of short ON signals.



This Bit has two modes: “noise” (white noise) and “random voltage” that controls oscillators.

remote trigger


The remote trigger lets you use a common remote control with your Bits.

roller switch


This Bit has a little lever with a wheel, and activates when something pushes the roller in.



This Bit lets you connect to up to 8 outputs and control them in sequential patterns.

slide dimmer


The slide dimmer is an analog input. Adjust it by moving its lever from side to side.

slide switch


The slide switch is a small and convenient way to turn your creations on and off.

sound trigger


The sound trigger sends an ON signal when the noise gets over a certain level.

temperature sensor


The temperature sensor responds to the temperature surrounding its probe.



Think of the threshold as a toll booth for signal passing through your circuit.



The timeout Bit is a settable timer.

toggle switch


The toggle switch is perfect for those inventions where you want a sturdy on-off switch.

Wire Bits

Orange Bits are wires that help you extend & branch out.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)


Control your inventions wirelessly from your iOS or Android device.



The branch Bit lets you connect the output of a single Bit to as many as 3 others.



The easiest way to create internet connected devices. Snap the internet to anything!

Control Voltage (CV)


Integrate your littleBits circuits with other analog synthesizers.

double AND


Double AND is a logic gate. It sends an ON signal when its 2 inputs receive an ON signal.

double OR


Double OR is a logic gate. The output is active if either of its 2 inputs is active.



Connect one output to as many as 3 other Bits to trigger multiple actions at once.



Inverter is a very contrary logic Bit. It sends out the opposite of whatever it receives.



Use the latch to turn any momentary input into an on-off switch, like a toggle!

Makey Makey


Turn everyday objects into touchpads, or control your computer's cursor with this Bit.



Send and receive MIDI messages with the MIDI Bit.



The NAND Bit is a logic gate with 2 inputs. Think of it as "not and."



This logic gate sends an ON signal when neither of its 2 inputs is receiving a signal.



The perf Bit is an easy way to prototype a circuit for the littleBits collection.



The proto Bit is what littleBits engineers use to build and prototype new Bits for you.



The split Bit sends a single input to 2 wired outputs.



The USB I/O Bit allows you to record digital audio directly into your computer.



Easily incorporate programming into your inventions with Arduino.



The wire allows you to extend your circuits and put more space between two Bits.

wireless receiver (5 channels)


Pair this Bit with the wireless transmitter to control your Bits remotely, as if by magic!

wireless transmitter (5 channels)


Pair this Bit with the wireless receiver, and you’ve got a remote control for your Bits.



The XOR Bit is a logic gate with 2 inputs. Think of it as "exclusive or."

Output Bits

Green Bits are outputs. They just generally make stuff happen.



The bargraph is like an equalizer. Get an instant view of the signal going through.

bright led


The bright LED (or light-emitting diode) is a small Bit that puts out a big light.



Bzzz! The buzzer is like the sound in an alarm clock: it makes a noise you just can't ignore.

DC motor (tethered)


The reversible direct current motor rotates a small shaft you can attach anything to.



The fan is just what you'd think: a small electric fan tethered to a Bit.



The IR LED Bit sends out light with longer wavelengths than visible light.



The LED (or light-emitting diode) Bit is a very small board that shines a green light.

light wire


The light blue light wire is about 4 feet long and can be bent, shaped, sewn, or stapled.

long led


If you ever wanted an LED in a tiny little space, the long LED is your Bit!



The number Bit displays information about the signal it’s receiving from other Bits.

rgb led


The RGB LED Bit is a special light whose color you can adjust.



The servo is a controllable motor that can swing back and forth.

synth speaker


The synth speaker amplifies your sonic explorations.

uv led


Make certain things glow in the dark with this Bit whose light looks purple to the eye.

vibration motor


With the vibration motor Bit, you can make anything vibrate and buzz!