Nifty add-ons for all your inventor needs.

battery + cable


Connect it to your power Bit and then flip the switch to send juice to all of your creations!



bitSnaps are the color-coded, magnetic connectors found on all your Bits.

Brick Adapter


The brick adapter enables you to easily snap your Bits to LEGO® bricks.

Craft Pack


Glue, twist, cut, bend and jingle your way to interactive inventions with the craft pack.

Getting Started with littleBits


Getting Started with littleBits is a comprehensive guide to littleBits.



This accessory helps you attach wheels, paper, and lots of other materials to the DC motor.

mounting boards

Coming Soon

Keep your circuit intact and move it around with ease with our mounting boards.



Press shoes onto your circuit to keep it securely intact.

Tackle Box


Perfect for stowing your Bits away in the workshop and at home, or taking on the go!

USB Power Adapter + Cable


Connect a USB cable to your computer or phone charger to power your inventions.

littleBits Gift Card


You’re not a mind reader! Let the inventor in your life decide what to get.