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The Wheel Of Wonder (LB-001)


Published on March 19, 2017

The Wheel of Wonder (LB-001) is a spinning wheel powered by LittleBits. When one closes the roller switch, the fan begins to spin. The colorful wheel, which is attached the fan, spins with the fan. The colorful wheel is divided and labeled. Two lights are also turned one when one closes the roller switch. When one opens the roller switch, the wheel stops spinning and the lights turn off.  The Wheel of Wonder can be used to help one make decisions, in gameplay, or as a prize wheel.

Duration: A Couple Of Hours (Including Decoration)

Credits: Me, Myself, And I

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Step 1

Take the lid off of the shoe box and face the open side of the shoe box downward. Cover the shoe box with colorful paper. Cover with packing tape (OPTIONAL).

STEP 2 : Step 2

Cut a hole centered on the top of the shoe box that is the size of the Fan. Insert the Fan into the hole with the rest of the bit dangling down into the shoe box.

STEP 3 : Step 3

Insert two holes at the top corners of the shoe box. Insert the Long LED Lights through the holes from beneath the shoe box. The majority of the lights should be visible from the top of the shoe box.

STEP 4 : Step 4

Flip the shoe box over. Attach the Fan and the Long LEDs to the Branch. Tape the fan from the inside of the shoe box. Make sure the fan is level.

STEP 5 : Step 5

Cut two holes on the side of the shoe box about an inch apart. Each hole should be able to fit a Wire Head through them.

STEP 6 : Step 6

Weave a Wire Head through each hole with as little as possible excess cord outside of the shoe box. Face them in toward each other. In between them, attach the Roller Switch. Set it to close.

STEP 7 : Step 7

Mount the Wire Heads and the Roller Switch to the side of the shoe box using tape. The holes should be hidden.

STEP 8 : Step 8

Inside of the shoe box, attach one Wire Head to the Branch and one Wire Head to the Power. Attach the Power to the Cable. Attach the Cable to the Battery. Mount any excess cord or anything loosely hanging to the sides of the shoe box using tape.

STEP 9 : Step 9

Flip the shoe box over. Glue the bottom of the bottle cap to the center of the wheel. LOOSELY tape the center of the top of bottle cap to the fan.

STEP 10 : Step 10

Create a triangle pointer from excess color paper, and tape it directly above the wheel, with the main edge pointing toward the wheel.

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