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Wireless Animatronic Skull #HackHalloween

by RonDagdag

Published on October 29, 2015

A scary hand puppet that I can control remotely.

How To Make It


Connect the Servo bit to the Skull Use hot glue gun to connect the servo bit to the skull. Use a paperclip to connect servo to skull. Measure how far you can drill a hole. Then drill a hole to the jaw of the skull and connect the servo and the jaw with paperclip. Loosen the jaw screws if it's too tight, so it will move. Connect to wireless Receiver.
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Add Long LED to the skull Drill holes to the eyes of the skull. Insert the Long LED modules and connect them together. This will be the flashing lights. I use the long LED so it would look creepier, like a worm in the skulls eyes. Pull and push it for extra creepiness. Connect to wireless receiver.
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Make the glove Tape 2 bend sensors to a glove and have a splitter bit for power. Use littlebit shoes to stick it to the glove. Connect the splitter bit to battery power. Then connect the 2 bend sensors to the wireless transmitter.

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