Windy Joe's Hole in the Wall

July 23, 2013
This is Tom Hogan's entry from the Cardboard Games Workshop.

As everyone knows, Windy Joe is a semi-mythical figure who runs a fabulous house of games somewhere out in the wind-swept plains.

Hole in the Wall is one of his most popular attractions -- it's a littleBits-powered version of skeeball. Hit center target to make the game light up and make noise!

Credits: Tom Hogan

How To Make It


Make your circuit: power - fork - button - rgb led - buzzer - wire - button - rgb led - wire - button - rgb led - lightwire -


Cut a circular shape out of the cardboard and mount the circuit on the back using tape. Cut a hole and thread the light wire through.


Decorate the cardboard with markers and construction paper. We recommend making "edges" with construction paper to help the thrower score.


Fill a plastic egg with some beads and give the game a shot.

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