by emmaldaley

Published on July 30, 2015

Always wanted to meet a Martian? Now you can! And no helmet needed. With this easy and avant-garde UFO project (and a little imagination), common household items come together to blast you into galactic adventures.

If planet earth isn't your thing, why not bring your extraterrestrial to "outer spaces" like the playground or park and let it hover!

Duration: 30 minutes

Credits: Created & Designed by Emma Daley.

How To Make It

STEP 1 :


Gather your materials & draft what you want your hovercraft to look like.

Design your paper plate to look out of this world. This will serve as the base of the UFO. Use markers, crayons, stickers, glitter … be creative! The possibilities are limitless.

STEP 2 :

Poke a small hole in the middle of the plate (the Bright LED Bit will shine through this).

STEP 3 :

Photo 1

Your circuits should look like...

Assemble the two circuits.

STEP 4 :

Position the circuits on the underside of the plate. The batteries should be on opposite sides for balance. Make it so the Bright LED Bit is underneath the hole you just made.

STEP 5 :

Photo 3

Tape or glue will do!

Adhere the circuits securely to the underside of the plate using tape or glue.

STEP 6 :

Photo 5

You can wrap the light wire so it corresponds with the shape of the plate, or make a crazy pattern.

Punch a hole on the rim of the plate and snake the light wire around it. Again, use glue or tape to fasten it.

STEP 7 :

Make a Martian using paper and several googly eyes, and fasten it to the middle of the plate. (Be careful not to cover the hole.)

STEP 8 :

Photo 2

3, 2, 1...

Cut the clear plastic cup in half (horizontally) and place over the Martian – he needs to be protected! Adhere the cup in place.

STEP 9 :

Photo 5

Create a backdrop for your Martian! Make him/her feel at home.

Turn on the LEDs using the Power Bit, and turn out the lights. "Take me to your leader!"


Can you create a circuit that produces a UFO-sounding noise?

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