Turn It On For Me!

by da.guzman

Published on September 29, 2014

Would you like to turn on your desktop PC or any other device, without being in front of it? By using a cloudBit, a servo and some LEGO bricks, this project let you send the command to turn on a device remotely from your smartphone.

Now you can start booting up your system when you are getting close to home/work, such that when you arrive everything is set up; or if you are far, far away from your PC, you can turn it on and then access it remotely without the necessity of leaving it on all the time.

In which device are you going to use this?

How To Make It


Attach a 40 teeth LEGO gear to a LittleBits servo module - Cut a paper clip in two. - Install the two-sided arm, the default one, to the servo. - Pass each paper clip piece through a servo arm hole and a LEGO gear slit. Bend the clip piece to fix the position of the gear along the servo arm (see image 2). - Cut the reamining pieces of paper clip.


Set up your servo module into 'turn' mode.


Set up your cloudBit to receive a push-button signal from the cloudBit control. Suggestion: You might also set the cloudBit to send the request on a periodical basis.


Build your litteBits circuit: power + cloudBit + servo.


Build your LEGO remote-finger mechanism - Plug an axle to the center of the 40 teeth gear. - Put along the axle another LEGO gear (choose the number of teeths depending on the distance you need to travel; I used an 8 teeth gear). - Match the last gear to a gear rack. The gear rack will be your remote-finger (see image 3).



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