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Disney Frozen Touch-Activated Nightlight

by littleBits and Disney

Published on December 16, 2016

Use your Rule Your Room Kit to and a few materials from around the house to build a Touch-Activated Nightlight that looks just like Elsa's castle in Disney Frozen!

Duration: 1.5 Hours

How To Make It

STEP 1 :

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Build your circuit.

STEP 2 :

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Press adhesive shoes onto your circuit to keep your Bits secure.

STEP 3 :

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Attach two alligator clips to the Makey Makey Bit – one to the left arrow pad, another to the earth pad.

STEP 4 :

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Turn the power on and test your circuit. Your body is conductive, so touching both clips lets electricity flow through the Makey Makey Bit, sending an "on" signal to the bargraph Bit.

STEP 5 :

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Cut the paper towel and toilet paper rolls at an angle, as shown.

STEP 6 :

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Wrap the cardboard tubes in aluminum foil.

STEP 7 :

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Glue the foil-wrapped tubes together in the configuration shown. Make sure there is an open space in the center of configuration.

STEP 8 :

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If you do not have access to a small white box, turn your Rule Your Room Kit box inside out.

STEP 9 :

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Cut two holes in the box as shown.

STEP 10 :

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Glue the foil-wrapped tube configuration to the top of the box so that it covers the hole.

STEP 11 :

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Cut two strips of aluminum foil and tape them to the box as shown. Make sure the two strips are not touching.

STEP 12 :

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Create snowflakes by folding and cutting blue construction paper as shown.

STEP 13 :

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Glue the snowflakes to the invention. Do not let the snowflakes touch the two strips of foil on the box.

STEP 14 :

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Crumple tissue or construction paper and place inside the foil-wrapped tubes.

STEP 15 :

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Attach the alligator clips from the circuit to the two strips of foil taped to the box.

STEP 16 :

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If you don't already have a small snowman toy, make one using two ping pong balls (or styrofoam balls), a couple toothpicks and a marker.

STEP 17 :

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Wrap the bottom of the snowman toy in aluminum foil.

STEP 18 :

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Turn power on and place the circuit inside the box so that the bargraph is directly under the hole in the top of the box.

STEP 19 :

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Turn the light on by touching the two aluminum foil strips at the same time with your fingers.

STEP 20 :

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Place beside your bed and if you wake up scared at night touch the strips to light up the castle. The light automatically goes out after you stop touching it, so if you want to use as a reading light just place the snowman on the box so that it is touching both strips of aluminum foil. Don’t forget to remove before falling asleep to conserve your battery!

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