Tickle Machine Robot

by Ramsey Oliveras December 2, 2013

Ramsey Oliveras created a lego robot that serves as a tickle machine. He used a a servo motor to rotate a feather to create the tickling action. 

* Project was created and submitted in collaboration with an adult

Bits used: servo, slide dimmer, usb power, wire

Tags: Motion Fun & Games Gadgets Around the house

Credits: Ramsey Oliveras, Rolling Robots

Videos and Recipes


  1. 1

    Build Circuit: Power + Wire + Slide DImmer + Servo

  2. 2

    Build a robot from LEGOs

  3. 3

    Mount the servo on top of the robot's head with tape

  4. 4

    Glue a feather on the servo


Ramsey Oliveras, Rolling Robots

Bits used (4)

Accessories used (1)


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