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Three Wheeler

by Chamsterdam09

Published on February 15, 2017

This little bits project is a simple 3 wheeled car that requires a few materials and a couple littlebits. 

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Step 1

Gather all the little bits and materials needed.

STEP 2 : Step 2

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Assemble your power input.

STEP 3 : Step 3

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Attach the motor mate to the dc motor.

STEP 4 : Step 4

Place the dc motor onto the motor mount. Our motor mount was custom made so try improvising with something like a thick piece of foam board. Make sure the motor mount its big enough to fit under the dc motor.

STEP 5 : Step 5

Set the little bits we assembled aside for now.

STEP 6 : Step 6

Take the wooden skewer and cut it so the it is 2 inches longer than the width of the body of the car.

STEP 7 : Step 7

Using a hot glue gun, glue the skewer on the back of the body of the car. Make sure that an inch of wood extends off the body of the care on each side.

STEP 8 : Step 8

Attach 1 of the cardboard wheels to the dc motor. The wheel should be one top of the motor mate. If the hole in the wheel is too small for the motor mate to fit through, use pencil to make the hole bigger.

STEP 9 : Step 9

Attach your power input piece to the dc motor. Reminder the dc motor should still be attached to the motor mounter.

STEP 10 : Step 10

Time to assemble the car. Flip the body of the car over so the side with the wooden skewer on it is facing upwards. Place the motor mounter ( remember it has the wheel and the dc motor still attached to it ). vertically on the body of the car, the wheel attached to the dc motor should be hanging through the hole in the middle of the body of the car.

STEP 11 : Step 11

Glue the motor mounter (along with the motor and wheel) using a hot glue to where you had originally placed it. Make the everything is in the same position as before.

STEP 12 : Step 12

Snap the power input on to the the dc motor. Make sure the power input is snapped on to the side where the wooden skewer is.

STEP 13 : Step 13

Using small pieces of tape, carefully tape down the little bits.

STEP 14 : Step 14

Move the battery over so that it rest on top of the the body of the car (the side that doesn't have a skewer on it). The power cable should be kind of extending over the edge of the body of the car.

STEP 15 : Step 15

Using pieces of tape, tape down the battery.

STEP 16 : Step 16

Place 1 of the cardboard wheels on each side of the wooden skewer.

STEP 17 : Step 17

Now turn on your new Three Wheeler. Note: This car may not be of the best quality or method but bear in mind that this model was made within a short span of time.

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