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The Smart Brush

by jirair

Published on April 28, 2016

The Smart Brush is a toothbrush whose purpose is to remind a person who forgets to brush his/her teeth to brush his/her teeth. 
The Smart Brush is made up of a battery, a power cable, a power button, a light sensor, a w19 split, a buzzer, a dc motor and a wheel.
What you'll need: all of the above mentioned components, a pair of scissors and some duct tape
1) Connect the power cable to the power button and the battery
2) Connect the light sensor to the power button and connect the w19 split to the light sensor.
3) Connect both the dc motor and the buzzer to the two ends of the w19 split.
4) Connect the wheel to the dc motor.
5) Apply the toothbrush on the wheel using duct tape
6) By using duct tape paste the whole circuit on any desired place!!

Thank You for watching, Hope you liked it!!

Duration: 10-15 minutes

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