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The One Wand to rule them all!

by CoreAidan

Published on December 30, 2016

Wands are cool, right? That's what Trinity, Adele, and April were thinking of our recent little bits Workshop, down at the Core Electronics Knowledge Factory. Their inspiration for this project came straight from the films, in particular, the magic wands that Harry and co use throughout the Saga.

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How To Make It


This group of makers went a bit above a typical wand though, using a pressure sensor alongside a fan, buzzer, and bar graph to make their wand light up and even shoot sparks if you held it right! (It was actually some tissue paper attached to the fan, not real sparks) Using some blue tack and a 30cm wooden ruler. They attached all their bits along the length of the ruler, with the Fan being mounted upright at the end. It was an awesome project that's going straight into the Magic of Invention challenge for littleBits!

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