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The Nightmare Box #HackHalloween

by eriedess

Published on October 20, 2015

The Nightmare Box
#HackHalloween Take a rustic old box and fill it with the sequencer bit, and five Bright LEDs, and turn it on and close the box. Open it slowly for just the right effect. Next, wrap the box in light wire, using power+pulse+light wire+latch+light wire for an out-of-phase effect. Fill a bottle with hot water and the inside of a highlighter. This will glow when you introduce the UV LED to the bottle in low light- be sure to hide the power source for maximum effect. For the mask trick, the mask was placed on a pumpkin and LEDs were placed in the eyes and mouth as follows: power+pulse+wire+RGB LED+wire+RGB LED+wire+Bargraph. The skull and spinal cord were illuminated using two light wire modules and a single pulse module connected to USB power hidden behind a black cloth. That's all we could do with what we have, but we hope you enjoy the short "film." It was a "nightmare" to create and edit. Thanks for watching!


Duration: 13 hours

Credits: Tegan and Gabriel for their support!

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