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The Voldemort Disarmer

by alexander_Bits

Published on November 4, 2016

I've made a little contraption that will disarm Voldemort.  I took a box and attached a servo motor to the side  Then I attached a mechanical arm to it via screws.  I made a circuit that goes like this: battery+cable then BLE Bit then servo then wire and at the end of the wire I put a bargraph.

I attached the bargraph to the mechanical arm to add that wand like beam.  Then I drew Harry's wand and attached it to the mechanical arm.  The servo will open the box when I shake my phone, then Harry's wand will start swinging and battling Voldemort.

Ask any questions about the build in the comments.

Duration: 20+ minutes

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Circuit

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Assemble the circuit like this: battery+cable/power bit then BLE then servo motor then wire and finally bargraph. Then put the the power bit, BLE, servo, and wire onto the mounting board as shown in the picture. Note: leave the bargraph hanging as shown in the picture.

STEP 2 : Servo Add Ons

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Screw the servo mount onto the servo motor and add the adhesive shoes to the bottom of the servo mount.

STEP 3 : Hub and Mechanical Arm.

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Add the servo hub onto the servo motor and screw the mechanical arm onto the servo hub as shown.

STEP 4 : Bargraph Attachment

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Now grab some tape and tape the bargraph to the end of the mechanical arm/wand to give the illusion that the bargraph is the tip of the wand disarming Voldemort.

STEP 5 : Into the Box

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Now put the entire circuit into a 20 cm long, 15 cm wide, 7 cm high box as shown in the picture. Note: Take 1 glue dot and attach the battery as shown in the second picture.

STEP 6 : Sticky Shoes

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When you put the circuit in the box it should look like this: When you attach the sticky shoes don't forget to make sure that the arm can turn a full 180 degree turn before attaching.

STEP 7 : Tape Sides

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Now take the sides of the box and tape them to the side to not disturb the servo. Note: only do this step if your box looks like this.

STEP 8 : Photo Add Ons

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Note: This step is optional but it will make your Voldemort disarmer look much cooler. For this step you can get a few printouts to make it look cool here are a few I put there.

STEP 9 : Box Decoration

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Note: Now this step again optional but it will definitely make it look better! You can make the mediocre box look like a chest by drawing some details on the box.

STEP 10 : Wand Attachment

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You can draw a flat wand from a piece of paper and tape it onto the mechanical arm.

STEP 11 : Flex Add On

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To make sure the box opens properly I would tape some thing flexible to the back of the box.(I had a little propeller that was flexible so I used it.)

STEP 12 : Bonus 1!

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So this is your existing circuit take it apart as shown in the second picture and add a spit.

STEP 13 : Bonus 2!

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Now grab another BLE and a buzzer and make the circuit as shown in the picture. Finally attach all of that to the mounting board.

STEP 14 : You're done YAH!!!

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You are done and if it doesn't work properly tell me in the comments below.

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