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The Guitar of the Future

by alexander_Bits

Published on June 6, 2016

A guitar that has a servo motor on that plays the strings. Plus there is a buzzer just in case you want to add some buzz to this project!

Duration: 15-20 minutes

How To Make It

STEP 1 : The Remote

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First for the remote you will need a wireless transmitter. Then connect 2 slide dimmers so it looks like this:(look for a picture at the bottom of the page).

STEP 2 : The Remote (2)

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After you connected the slide dimmers get the split out, and connect 2 of the ends of the split to the slide dimmers so it looks like this:(picture at the bottom of the page)

STEP 3 : The Remote (3)

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After you are done connecting the split get out your battery and cable and power bit and connect them so it looks like this:(picture at the bottom of the page) Note 1: I recommend you to tape your battery to the remote. Note 2: I recommend that you put some tape on the slide dimmer so that the servo doesn't go out of control look at the second photo.

STEP 4 : The Main Part

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After you are done with your remote you can get out your wireless receiver and connect it to your battery and cable so it looks like this:(picture at the bottom of the page)

STEP 5 : The Main Part (2)

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Connect the buzzer, the bargraph, and the servo motor on the wireless receiver so it looks like this:(picture at the bottom of the page) Note 1: I took the picture upside down so it would be easier to build Note 2: I would reccomend for you to tape the servo motor wire to the guitar.

STEP 6 : The Final Step

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Screw on the mechanical arm and tape the ball and coaster on the end of it. Tape the servo to the guitar so that the ball and coaster slide on the strings.

STEP 7 : You are now done!!!!

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Ta-da it should look like this! I hope you had fun building and had fun while playing with it! If you have questions please don't be shy to comment your question. I would be happy to help!

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