The creepy hand prank #hackhalloween

by pmorales

Published on October 27, 2015

This is a free wandering and creepy, bloody hand which likes scaring people on its way. 

How it was made and how it works
Mainly, this creepy hand was created by using Littlebits, 3d printed parts, tongue depressors, rubber rings, wooden sticks, surgical glove, acrylics, cardboards, cotton and a lot of creativity. It is controlled through wifi with the cloudbit module.

This project combines craftwork  + technology.

Duration: 2 hours

Credits: 5 young students from Institución Educativa Isaías Gamboa School: Sebastian Ceron Jimenez Diego Agredo Muñoz Miguel Angel Molano Patricio Edwar Esteban Vidal Rosales Karol Daniela Corcino Mejía

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