Synth Band

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Learn how to play a melody with accompaniment. 

Pro Tip: Use an audio cable to connect your speaker to your computer, headphones, or an amplifier. 

How To Make It


Start with this circuit: Power + Split 1.) Mini Sequencer + Oscillator + Filter + Mix 2.) Keyboard + Oscillator + Envelope + Delay +Mix + Speaker


Tune both oscillators (refer to the tuning project.) Oscillators can either be set to "consonant" or "dissonant" intervals. In consonance, the are in harmony. In dissonance, they will sound unresolved.


Create a pattern on the micro sequencer that you like. This will become your backing music.


Adjust the filter until you reach the sound you like.


Set mix level 1 low and mix level 2 higher


Play a few notes on the keyboard. The keyboard is like the "lead singer" and will appear louder than your sequencer because nothing is filtering the sound.


Adjust the envelope and delay - these will change yoru keyboard's sound.


You're ready to perform!

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