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Super littleBits Copter Dog Cape!

by Travis Sluss

Published on October 8, 2015

In the year 3000 Dogs can fly anywhere with the help of littleBits! A remix of the Petmate project from the Gizmos and Gadgets Kit!

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Purchase a dog cape!

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Picture 1

Otherwise known as a dog coat, or dog rain coat, we picked our up at a local pet store!

STEP 2 : Get your bits ready!

For this project all we need is a Power Bit, Wire, Bargraph and Servo! To make the blades of the copter we used the swing arm with screws provided to attach to the servo.

STEP 3 : Attach the servo to the coat

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Our coat has a small hole in the top used to put the lease through to connect to the collar. We are using this same spot to put our servo through. First take the copter blades off of the servo. Then place the servo inside the coat, pushing through the hole to attach the copter blades on the opposite side. We used the hook and loop tape provided to tape the servo into Stella's cape!

STEP 4 : Attach the remaining bits!

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Now we hook up the power Bit and battery to the servo to get it moving! We use the Hook and Loop Shoes to make sure everything stays together.

STEP 5 : Lights!

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Picture 1

We need to make sure Stella is properly seen while in flight! So we added a bargraph to the top of the copter blades! Connect a wire to the end of the servo bit, then run the wire up to the top of the servo and attach to the copter blades. We used the sticky circles found in the kit to stick the bargraph down. We love how everything we needed was in the kit!

STEP 6 : Affix Bits and battery

Using the hook and loop shoes we are able to connect the littleBits circuit to Stella's cape with more hook and loop tape. We used more of the sticky clear circles to stick the battery to the cape as well.

STEP 7 : Send Stella off!

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Picture 1

Now she's ready to fly to her favorite store!

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