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Strings Synthesizer

by f.j2

Published on February 13, 2017

This project is for synth lovers !

Turn your Littlebits to a true polyphonic string synthesizer.

Any MIDI keyboard with DIN output can be used.

Connect other littlebits modules, like filter, delay, etc. for silky pads

The composition "Littlebits Sweet wave of sound" shows the synth at it's full potential. The rhytm comes from the Mini Pops project . All tracks recorded with audacity and all sounds are from this String Synth. More video's can be found in the steps section.

More video's can be found here :

Synth Pad : Synth Pad
Synth Brass : Synth Brass
Synth Plucks : Synth Plucks
Synth Bass : Synth Bass
Noise Waves : Noise Waves
Sound sculpting and usage : Sound sculpting and usage

Duration: about 2 hours

Credits: Original open source project from Jan Ostman https://janostman.wordpress.com/ Completely revamped and transformed to bring the magic to be compatible with Littlebits ! Don't forget to tip Jan if you like his project ! I hope you will enjoy this project as much as I did converting it !

How To Make It


Assembly of the MIDI bit Here's what you need : - Perf board - 220 Ohm resistor - 470 Ohm resistor - 10K Ohm resistor - 6N138 Optocoupler - 1N418 diode - Female bitsnap Solder the parts as seen on the images
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Assemble the project Follow the pictures as a guideline. You can use a protobit to connect output d13 of the arduino,or you can connect the filter directly to output d5 for a LoFi sound. All other details can be found in video's on my YouTube channel SynthedMind.


Attach a MIDI keyboard Use only a MIDI keyboard with a DIN plug and the Littlebits MIDI to Jack cable. Set your keyboard at transmit channel 1 If all is ok, you should hear the Synth Strings out of the Synth speaker.
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