Stick Figure Costume

by littleBits

Published on October 2, 2014

Glow your way to greatness with this classic costume. Simply sew light wire into your clothing in the shape of a stick figure! Add the pulse for complete party status. 

 #TricksWithBits Make this project with our Stick Figure Halloween Pack!

Want a bigger challenge? Try creating a specific character, like the Stick Figure Michael Jackson!

How To Make It


Use the Halloween Pack: Stick Figure Costume to make this project.


Build this circuit: power + pulse + light wire + light wire. Adjust the pulse to whatever speed you like. Use the hook & loop bitsnaps to secure your circuit so they dont separate. Use the adhesive hook & loop strip to adhere it to your material.


Bend the lightwire into the shape of a stick figure. The lightwire is great because it holds the general shape once you bend it.


Use a needle and thread to sew the lightwire into your clothing. We recommend light thread and dark fabric.


Go forth and be spooky!

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