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Star Wars Droid: R8-ZR aka "Razor"

by mmalpartida

Published on December 8, 2017

"Razer" is a maintenance droid repaired by our Resistance engineer. Her specialty is "slicing" aka "hacking" computers and helps our protagonist with her daily duties as well as secret missions for the Resistance.

The "slicing" game actually works and was created with the Code Kit!

Duration: 12hrs

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Inspiration

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We were inspired to create this droid and "slicing" game after watching the Star Wars Last Jedi trailer.

STEP 2 : Planning/Experiment

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We wanted to not only make a Droid but recreate those cool hacking ("slicing") scenes from the Star Wars movies.

STEP 3 : Prototype Circuits and Game Design

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Using the Code Kit and various bits we created the game which is played via rotating the terminal access port to shine light on 3 light sensors. The sequence was important so as to lessen the chance of easily winning so the user has to rotate the port on each light sensor for over a second before it registers.

STEP 4 : Build Droid

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The kids picked a spider to be the chassis style of the droid. They also mentioned crab but settled on spider. Using arts and crafts materials, things around the house, in the garage, and from PizzaHut takeout (buffalo wing container) R8-ZR was created!

STEP 5 : Interface droid with game

To create the experience of the droid hacking into the system, we added a wireless transmitter from the output port of the Droid kit control hub so rather than moving the droids internal motor it sends the signal to a motor attached to the access port of the control panel game box.

STEP 6 : Plan for the future

Next is planning the upgrades for the droid and perhaps give it the ability to walk. Also upgrading the game so it randomizes the unlock pattern so each time you play it changes the sequence.

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