Spooky spider and the possessed pumpkin scream machine #HackHalloween

by dq

Published on November 1, 2015

This is a #HackHalloween special that includes a remotely controlled spider that blinks and buzzes and a possessed pumpkin with a motion activated scream machine to scare trick or treaters.

How To Make It


Build a web for the spooky spider. I used 300 feet of clothesline. 100 feet for the outline in three 33 foot lengths. The next 100 feet made the main structure and the last 100 feet was used for the spiral to fill in the web.


Wire together the spooky spider controller. Using the power module, fork, button, slider and transmitter modules snap the Littlebits together and mount on a board or hold together using the LittleBits feet.


Wire the spooky spider. This was accomplished using a store spider about 3 feet in length that was already in the house. First you need the power module and the wireless receiver. Then it took 3 lightwires to light up the legs and two bright leds were used for the eyes. On a separate channel the buzzer was also attached to the wireless receiver. Everything was held to the spider using rubber bands and garbage bag ties.

Test everything before turning on the spider and attaching to the web. Then have fun as people walk under the spider web.


Record spooky sounds Record some spooky sounds on the computer and upload to the microSD card for the LittleBits Mp3 module.


Test the possessed pumpkin scream machine Snap together the LittleBits modules (power, mp3, filter, delay, speaker). Then test the filter and delay until you get some extra spooky sounds. It is easiest to test with a button and later use the motion sensor.


Hide the scream machine behind a pumpkin. Direct the motion module where trick or treaters will pass (a small tube made of masking tape helped narrow the size area where motion would set off the scream machine). I also used two wires to move the motion module away from the other modules to make hiding easier. Hide everything well. On halloween everything was hidden behind a carved pumpkin in a halloween bag with the speaker directed outward. Have fun.

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