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Spectacular Skiing

by h23kaili

Published on September 8, 2016

Me and my partner invented down hill skiing. We thought of inventing this beacause there is no olympic down hill skiing.  How does it work?  Well all the little bits you need is a buzzer, a switch, and a battery and the starting bit. Me and my partner both named our invention "Spectacular Skiing".   We want to make people want to try a new sport in the olympics.

Duration: About 1 hour

How To Make It


Spectacular Skiing The first step to making this is invention is cutting a cardboard box in an angle so it's slanted. Then, you will need a glue gun and more boxes so that you can make a ally so the skiers ski straight down the hill. After that, you will need the bits: buzzer, battery and cord, power, and the slide switch. Lastly, we will need the skiers which are made of popsicle sticks and you glue them together. Finally, you can put it all together and get your invention.
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