Space Helmet

April 14, 2014
What happens if you combine a motorcycle helmet with Littlebits Space Kit?

How To Make It


Cut out a shape like the one below. Practice with a cardboard or paper template first to get the right shape. Then do the final plastic part from coraplast. The hole in the middle is the same diameter as the speaker. Then tape or hot glue it into shape.


The wires, power supply, battery, microphone, speaker go into the mouth cover as shown. You can tape them in with 2 sided tape or glue them very lightly! (Not too much glue)


Every helmet has a space between the outer shell and the soft inside. This is the place to slide the mouth cover. You will have to trim and adjust it to fit your helmet and face. Important: the microphone should be very close to your mouth, this will make the cool distorted "Houston...we have a problem.." sound


The last step is to mount the LED on the top for a light. Your done...time to take a trip to space!

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