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The Fern Fan

I decided to make a littleBits Fern Fan because I wanted to make a fan out of natural things and out of new and elect...

Made with

Dc motor 1lr Power Img 8548rflxlr + 1 More

Made by fernfan

Flying Chairs

Fairground created with littleBits and K´nex.

Watering House Plants

Not home in time to water your precious orchid? Not to worry! littleBits can leverage the darkness of the night to bring your household nature to life.


PIRATE SHIP, with the flag undulating

The driving car

When you touch on a button on your remote control the car will move forwards or backwards

Remote controlled Elevator

This is a lego, Trio and littlebits elevator.

Night Airplane

Airplane starts to fly round when I turn off lights in the room. All construction is very simple but exciting. You can put it on the ceiling over child's bed and be sure that she will fall asleep in a few minutes.

Crayon Lathe

This lathe may be small but it provides hours of fun.

Solar Power Car

Jaimie created a robot car that turns on in the presence of light. He used cardboard, bells and littleBits to bring his creation to life.* Project was created and submitted in collaboration with an adult

Oil well

How an oil well works

LittleBits and The Elf on the Shelf

With LittleBits electronics kits ( and the Elf on the Shelf ( you can really make Christmas come alive in your house.All you need is an elf on the shelf, Little Bits electronics components, including a 9V battery, 2 wires, 1 power supply, light sensor and the electric motor component. Other helpful items include scissors, scalpel, narrow zip tie, and electrical tape.Please make sure to not use an elf whose magic has been activated.

Swimming Shark

I created this modified Swimming Shark to introduce students to the LittleBits electronics they will be using in their upcoming kinetic sculpture assignment. When using LittleBits in conjunction with the 3D printer the possibilities are really exciting. All parts except the paper shark were fabricated using the 3D printer and I incorporated my DC motor mount into the design. files and links can be found at Thingiverse ...


Make your very own International Space Station and play music on it from afar.This project uses the same circuits as the Data Communication project, but here we are giving them some galactic context.How does it work?Your digitized music is converted into a series of light wave pulses. The pulses are decoded by the light sensor and converted into sound waves by the speaker.NASA uses electromagnetic waves to communicate with satellites orbiting Earth.Note: the build instructions correspond with the cardboard model.