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ir proximity sensor

Use fused beads and a rubber band to make an ir proximity sensor. The numbers get higher as an object approaches. Be...

Made with

Ir led 1lr Img 8503lr Number 1lr Power + 2 More

Made by JackANDJude

The Fern Fan

I decided to make a littleBits Fern Fan because I wanted to make a fan out of natural things and out of new and electrical things. I used a lot of string and a little bit of electrical tape. I made a square frame and built-in supports out of sticks. I used four ferns and a stick connecting to the motor shaft attachment. There is one DC motor, one wire and the power switch. It turns the rotor which turns the fan.And now I have a very nice fern fan.littleBits CreatorAge 8

Flying Chairs

Fairground created with littleBits and K´nex.

Watering House Plants

Not home in time to water your precious orchid? Not to worry! littleBits can leverage the darkness of the night to bring your household nature to life.


PIRATE SHIP, with the flag undulating

The driving car

When you touch on a button on your remote control the car will move forwards or backwards

Remote controlled Elevator

This is a lego, Trio and littlebits elevator.

Hack a Dancing Toy

Hack a dancing bear type toy so that it turns on when you turn the lights on or off. This is a great way to startle someone for fun. I used DIY litteBits power + light trigger, which I made by using the open hardware circuits available on the littleBits website.

10torsion sync with iOS brute LFO

Just a test with :2 x Modules Littlebits Korg synth1 x input module Littlebits sync with iOS Brute LFO

Night Airplane

Airplane starts to fly round when I turn off lights in the room. All construction is very simple but exciting. You can put it on the ceiling over child's bed and be sure that she will fall asleep in a few minutes.

Crayon Lathe

This lathe may be small but it provides hours of fun.

Solar Power Car

Jaimie created a robot car that turns on in the presence of light. He used cardboard, bells and littleBits to bring his creation to life.* Project was created and submitted in collaboration with an adult

Iron Man

How to create an Iron Man light for your hand.

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