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Sound Triggered Bubble Machine

by GluckWorkshops

Published on July 6, 2016

Make a bubble machine triggered by sound! When you make a sound, a huge bubble is created! :D

Watch video and learn how to make it and follow the steps below if you have any questions!

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Connect littleBits modules

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Connect the '9V battery' to the 'power module'. Then snap the 'sound trigger' on the 'power module'. Now, you just need to snap the 'fan module' to the 'sound trigger'. Your bubble machine is almost ready!

STEP 2 : Cut the base of the plastic cup

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Ask an adult to help you do this: remove the base of your plastic cup, using a cutter.

STEP 3 : Make a hole on the cardboard

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Using the plastic cup to measure the size of the hole, cut a place for your 'fan module' to be attached on the cardboard.

STEP 4 : Attach the 'fan module'

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Using tape, attach the 'fan module' to your cardboard, on the place you just made the hole.

STEP 5 : Attach the cup

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On the other side of the hole, attach your cup using tape. This is where your bubbles are going to be created!

STEP 6 : Add double sided tape

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Double sided tape is good for the modules to stick on your cardboard. I recommend you add tape in between the modules as well, so it really sticks!

STEP 7 : Have fun!

Turn on the power module. Full a recipient with water and soap. Dip your plastic cup in it. Now make a sound and giant bubbles will be created!

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