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Sound Detected Night Light

by jcarter105

Published on February 24, 2017

For this Challange, our students decided to design and build a Night Light that can be turned on by detected sound. We used the sound detector little bits along with the power source and LED little bits. We designed the lamp with TinkerCad and printed it with our MakerBot 3D printer.

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Discuss Challenge and Brainstorm Possibilities

The Maker Club accepted the challenge and starting discussing ideas on what to invent.

STEP 2 : Decide on Invention

We then decided on an invention to work on. This included discussing what possible issues our invention could solve. We decided that a sound-triggered night light could help children if they were scared of the dark.

STEP 3 : Design

We then designed our invention. Starting with a sketch on a dry erase board (unfortunately this was erased before and pics were taken of it), figuring out what our dimensions should be. Also what problems we may incur- i.e. how would we install a light source once we made our lamp. We concluded that the lamp would need to be hollow with a large enough opening to install any LittleBits we would be using. We then started designing the lamp part of the night light in TinkerCad.

STEP 4 : Gather Materials

We discussed and figured out what we would need to operate our invention. Fortunately we were able to use LittleBits to create our power and light source for our night light. We also started #D printing the lamp part of the night light.

STEP 5 : Build

At this step, we were able to install our power and light source into our printed lamp.

STEP 6 : Test

With our night light built, we turned out the light and tested it out by keeping quiet and then clapping our hands to trigger the sound sensor.

STEP 7 : Congratulate Each Other

We succeeded in making our invention work! So we high-fived a job well done!

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