Sleep Sense

by devincifablab

Published on March 4, 2016

Sleep Sense is a connected prototype alarm which analyze your sleep and advise you about your nights. During the night, your sleep is analyzed by a clever motion sensor that will record your behaviour and gestures. According to that, users will receive some suggestions based of your night. For instance, if you had a agitated night you will get a email which provide you some relaxing musical recommodations and on the contrary, if you had a soft night, you will get some specific food suggestions. 

Duration: 4 days

How To Make It


Day 1 Brainstorming some ideas to choose which one could suit the best for an user at home


Day 2 Discovering the littlebits and cloudbits


Day 3 We begin to gather the pieces and start by programming with the help of arduino


Day 4 Finalization of the design and program

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