Simple Line Follower

by Yoobin's Family December 23, 2013

This Line Follower is made of Littlebits + Box Paper. No Micro controller, No Programming Language. Only LittleBits + Paper.

Bits used: dc motor , led, light sensor, light wire, long led, power , pulse, wire

Tags: Light Motion Logic Fun & Games Design Gadgets Around the house

Credits: Lee, Yoo-bin

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Lee, Yoo-bin

Bits used (14)


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Other Materials Used (4)

  • Box Paper 1
  • Lego short bar 2
  • Lego Wheel 2
  • Tape 1

Tools (1)

  • Sissors
  • erin_littleBits 8 months ago

    Wow- great project!! I love that it drives in the dark too.

  • August_littleBits 8 months ago

    This is awesome!!! Can you share a little more how it works?

    • Yoobin's Family 8 months ago

      Thank you ~ Making Line Follower, We use some line detectors. I made a line detector using led + light sensor. Merry Christmas !!!!! :)

  • joe_littlebits 8 months ago

    Hi 'Yoobin's Family' Thanks for this, I love it. Really interesting and a great use of the modules!

  • cometmas 5 months ago

    How fantastic!!!!! Line Follower makes me expect more works from you.
    ps. I was wondering if you're from Korea.

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