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Messy Shoe Solution #HACKYOURHABITS

by the three J's and S

Published on May 1, 2016

  No more tripping over that pile of shoes that sits in your hallway.  A delightful invention that will encourage your children to put away their shoes.  The reward system is remotely controlled by the parent who may be away at work.

Duration: 2 hours

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Building the circuit

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USB power + split + button USB power + split + pressure sensor + number + threshold + cloud + wire +wire +wire+ servo motor

STEP 2 : Building the gum ball dispenser

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Picture 2

We used a plastic cup and tooth brush package to build a series of tubes that the gum ball travels through. The angles must be exact for the gum ball to run smoothly so you will probably have to adjust it a few times. Mount the servo on scrunched up duct tape so that it sits away from the wall and is thereby able to move freely and release a gum ball.

STEP 3 : A few glitches

1. We chose to set the trigger event threshold to 31 because we figured that 31is just about enough times to replace a bad habit (leaving shoes on the ground) with a new good habit (putting shoes away). Upon researching habits we discovered that the idea of having to do something at least 21 times is a myth apparently there is no exact number that has been scientifically proven to be connected with establishing a new habit. Perhaps we should alter the invention to reward more frequently. 2. This invention is on the HONOUR SYSTEM. We are assuming that your child will not just steal the gum balls or open and close the drawer multiple times. Possibly we could add on an alarm system that notifies the parent if a gum ball is stolen however that was not in harmony with the spirit of this invention which was to reward good habits. 3. The pressure sensor is too sensitive and in testing the project we found we had to be very careful when closing the shoe drawer or it would record 2 or 3 numbers at a time.

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