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Sealife Mobile

by Bri&Davy

Published on April 23, 2014

Automated fish mobile powered by littlebits, combining 3 systems:  littlebits, Actobotics and Hama fusebeads.

Credits: Davy, Bri & Lisa

How To Make It


Make fusebead fish from Hama kit.


Build structure with Actobotics beams, connectors, and pulley mechanism.


Attach structure to Hama mobile ring with Actobotics standoffs.


Clamp littlebits dc motor to beam structure using dual-holed servomounts and 4 screws.  Moutning tape helps hold it in place.


Attach dc motor shaft to pulley with Actobotics 3mm screw hubmount.


Build circuit: Connect dc motor bit to motion sensor, timeout bit, and power source. Wrap the wire bit around the circuit to hold it to the beam structure.


Tie fishing line to fish, and string the line through the holes in the Hama mobile ring, then tie line to the swivel clip connected to the pulley arm.

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