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Ron's Howler

by Astghik

Published on December 16, 2016

This is my project for the Magic of Invention challenge. 

I chose to make a howler because I laugh every time I remember Ron's face after he opens the message!!!

I made the howler with origami and I put a string to open and close the mouth. I also put a light sensor so, when you put the box back on the howler, it stops screaming. I put an mp3 player to scream the message :)

Duration: 10h

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Follow the origami guide below.

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I made the howler with red paper. Also printed the text and glued inside the message. You can feel free to design it in your own way. (Thanks to Andrew LaSane from http://mentalfloss.com/article/71160/10-diy-harry-potter-projects-muggles-should-try for the instructions on origami)

STEP 2 : The box.

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Find a box similar to the one from the picture below. Make a hole on the cover if it doesn't have one. Glue the message on top of the cover. please make sure to leave some space on the back so you can expose the light sensor through it. Please see the picture.

STEP 3 : Put all of the bits together.

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Connect all bits according to the schematics and mount inside the box following to the picture from the previous step and the following additional picture. Please make sure the light sensor is exposed from outside. The MP3 file is attached. The player must be configured in "loop" mode, the light sensor on "light" mode and the DC motor in "cw" or "ccw" mode. Before turning the power ON very first time, please make sure you have the light sensor covered with a finger.

STEP 4 : The motor and the moving mechanism

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Make an arm using a paper clip and a rubber band and attach it to the motor head. Please see the picture. Cut a hole in the bottom of the origami. Get a piece of thread, tie one end to the arm of the motor and pull it though the hole made on the origami. Glue the other end to the upper lip of the origami. Mount the DC motor on the cover of the box like it is shown on the picture.

STEP 5 : Get a box for closing the howler.

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Any large box should work fine. You can design it in the way you want. Here is my design.

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