Rocket Mobile


Published on April 23, 2014

Blast off into outer space with 3D Printed rockets and littleBits!

I 3D printed rockets and used my littleBits make them blast off!

Make your own Rocket Mobile now!

Credits: Created by Keith Ozar

How To Make It

STEP 1 :

Download the Rocket STL files provided.

STEP 2 :

3D print your Rockets on a 3D Printer at 40%. I made 10 Rockets for this project and 3D printed them various colors.

STEP 3 :

Use a Dremel with a drill bit to drill small holes into the 3D printed Rockets.

STEP 4 :

Cut 10 pieces of Spring Steel to 8 1/2 inches, bend one end of each Spring Steel piece into a flat square shape with Pliers so it can easily be taped onto the Clear Plastic Laser Cut littleBits Disc in step 6.

STEP 5 :

Hot Glue the Spring Steel into the 3D Printed Rockets.

STEP 6 :

Tape the flat end of the Spring Steel to the Clear Plastic Laser Cut littleBits Disc so the Rockets are in flying formation.

STEP 7 :

Connect your littleBits in this order Battery + Power + Wire + DC Motor and put in a project box AKA Mission Control Box. Use a Dremel with a drill bit to drill small holes for the DC Motor to spin through and a hole to turn on and off the power. Use foam scraps to help the littleBits stay in place.

STEP 8 :

Slip the Clear Plastic Laser Cut littleBits Disc onto the DC Motor on the outside of the Mission Control Box.

STEP 9 :

Count down from Ten to Zero and scream "LIFT OFF!" Turn on the Power Switch and watch the Rockets blast off into outer space!

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