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Ring Modulation

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Have a Synth kit? Try boosting it with an XOR to create a simple ring modulator, an addition that will allow you to create complex sounds that in our opinion, sound eerie, wobbly, metallic, droney and totally amazing.

To learn more about XOR logic, click here.

How To Make It


Build the circuit in the attached file "ring modulator.png". This is a basic ring modulator based on the XOR gate, you can read about what's happening in the attached file "ring modulator explained"


Experiment with your basic ring modulator by tuning the oscillators to see and hear the output change as the sound is modulated.


If you have a whole synth kit you can add to your ring modulator to create some even crazier noises! Check out our example in the attached files named "ringmodulatorextended 1 and 2". You can read about it in the attached file "Ring Modulations Explained"

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