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Remote Kitty Amuser

by Morelight

Published on June 26, 2015

We sometimes worry that when we're away our cats get a bit bored and probably just sit around sleeping a bit more than they already do.

In order to motivate them a bit remotely I built a toy that could be triggered remotely using a Cloudbit, the servo and a light - all from the SmartHome kit. I placed these on a board inside some tupperware with holes cut in and attached a stick with a small fluffy toy sellotaped to it to the servo.

In order to trigger it from my Apple Watch I used the IFTTT 'DO Button' to set up a trigger which powers the servo and the light (via the Cloudbit) for 30 seconds. IFTTT have a 'DO Button' app for the iPhone which can be triggered from the Apple watch, which is what you see in the video.

The result - Kitties amused, remotely (and our cats Penny and Rufus love it!)

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