by devincifablab

Published on February 26, 2016

We are a group of three students of IIM in Paris La Defense. By using the little bits we imagined a connected object that could send a picture and a music to our beloved when their alarms are ringing. You choose what you want to send and by using our RememberMe device, you are always close to the people you love.

We are a three students equip, our concept is based in offering to our beloved the object we have create : a little robot head designed with huge lips and an antenna. It can be used in various situations, like when one of the couple have to work far away from the other, or in any case of estrangement.
When the object starts up, it recognizes the alarm sound and diffuse gradually a music choosed before to make waking up the other person, and at the same time it sends on the smartphone a random picture illustrating the couple or any other romantic memory from a facebook album (thanks to IFTTT).

Duration: Two years


Devinci FabLab

Fritz Christelle Dorra Julien

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