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Portable magic light

by anna.

Published on March 28, 2017

Wherever you go you can make magic effect in the dark.

Duration: 1 h

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Preparing the rotating base and the cilinder

We used a folded transparent plastic sheet and a plastic cap of a cheese box that can fit together. To fix the wheel to the rounded cap we used a thin stick in wood and some scotch. Then we mounted the circuit on some brick adapthers and scotched everything on a larger stick. Last step is to glue the folded transparent paper to the plastic round cap.

STEP 2 : Designing the effects

Take a colored paper size A4 and draw some shapes as you like. We used triangles. Then you need to cut them to make holes trough which the light can go. When is done, roll the paper and put it inside the transparent cilinder. The first part of the light is done.

STEP 3 : Building the light effects

Now you need to build a new circuit with the light and the effects you wanna put inside your lamp. We made it simple: a white light and a colored light. When all is ready you can light this circuit and then turn on the rotating lamp. Have magic!

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