Pirate's Pet Polly

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Want a companion for your pirate costume? Try this pet parrot who will turn to look at you!

How To Make It


Start with this circuit: power + slide dimmer + wire + wire + servo.


Set your servo to turn mode. Experiment with moving the dimmer to control the arm position of your servo.


Make the base for your parrot. Place the servo on a strip of cardboard. The servo arm should be facing up, away from the cardboard. Bend two smaller pieces of cardboard into "L" shapes. Use these to brace the servo so that it stays in place. Tape everything down.


Tape strings to the bottom of the cardboard base. Make sure they are long enough to tie around your shoulder.


Make your parrot! Take a medium-sized styrofoam ball and a small-sized styrofoam ball. Connect them together using a bbq skewer, making the body and the head.


Tape the servo arm to the bottom of the medium-sized styrofoam ball.


Decorate your parrot. We used tissue paper and markers. What colors will you parrot be?


Tie the base of your parrot to your shoulder using the strings. Hold the slide dimmer in your hand and control how and when your parrot moves on your shoulder.

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