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Pipe cleaner skier #BitOlympics

by Jose Rote

Published on July 15, 2015

Make a person out of pipe cleaners. Add popsicle stick skis and attach servos to ski poles. Now she is ready to hit the slopes!

Credits: Noah and Sanyu

How To Make It



Assembly the skies using the following circuit:

  • Plug in the blue power LB to the battery
  • Connect the blue power LB to the pink dimmer
  • Connect the  pink dimmer to the split LB
  • Connect the split LB to the each servo. (Make sure the correct black plastic piece is attached to the servo as seen in the photo.)


Servo swing

  • Set the servo to swing


Assembly the skier:

Cut a pipe cleaner in half and then bend it half and flare the ends until it looks like a Y. This will be the body and legs. Cut the other half of the unused pipe cleaner i half. Wrap it around the body once to make arms. Use the reminded of the pipe cleaner to make an O shape and wrap it around the body to make a head.



Attached the skier to her skies
  • Grab two Popsicle sticks and cut a quarter of each off.  
  • Use the remaining 3/4. Attach 1 servo to each Popsicle sticks using clear tape. 
  • Grab the skier that you made and attach one leg to a Popsicle sticks and the other leg to the opposite Popsicle sticks. However make sure to make the skier face away from the servos. 
  • Cut a pipe cleaner into two pieces (2 to 3 inches). Make sure it's long enough to attach from the arms to the black propellers that you connected to the servo. 

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