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Paquito the dragon

by EPeterPan

Published on March 30, 2017

Paquito the dragon is more than a pet, is our new friend. It gives us a hand when we need it, it protects us from other beasts and it roasts our food. We love Paquito!


We have used two STEAM Student Sets to make the dragon move the wings, to illuminate the eyes and mouth, and to steer it.

Duration: 10 hours

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Snap the little bits like this:

Head: P1 Power, W7 fork, 02 long led 2x, W1 wire out, W1 wire in, o3 RGB led 2x Body: P1 Power, W7 fork, W1 wire out 2x, W1 wire in 2x, o11 servo swing 2x Wheels: P3 USB Power, i5 slide dimmer, o25dc motorx2

STEP 2 : Make the dragon:

Head: We made the head with a box, and we cut a hole to the mouth. We made the fire with cellophane, and the eyes with egg carton. Body: We made the body with another box. Then we painted the scales with permanent felt pen. Wings: We cut the wings and we painted them.

STEP 3 : Put everything together:

We stacked the two boxes together, and we added the wings and the bits in the dragon: Wheels: We attached the wheel’s bits in a carton and the carton in the bottom of the dragon. Wings: We attached the wings at the two sides of the dragon, and we connected the little bits to make the wings move. Eyes and mouth: We attached the led bits to the eyes and the mouth.

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