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OptoCoupler circuit

by f.j2

Published on February 11, 2017

Use this circuit to modulate your Synthkit modules with Brute LFO.

Add wahwah, long sweeps, tremolo, etc. to your projects

How To Make It

STEP 1 : RGB and Light sensor

Place the RGB and Light Sensor bit as seen in the picture. Rotate them so that they keep together ( magnets are attracting each other ) Take measurements and cut out a cardboard light shield. Keep it a bit loose so you can easily move the bits inside the cardboard. With a bit of glue you can keep the cardboard box together, take time to let dry.

STEP 2 : Adjustments

Adjust the 3 colors of the RGB module at MAX. Set the switch of the Light sensor to dark

STEP 3 : Set up your circuit

To understand the principle, build the circuit as seen in the picture

STEP 4 : Install Brute LFO

Install the app and connect the headphone jack of your IOS device to the input of the microphone module with a standard mini jack stereo cable. Play around with the controls and have fun !

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