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Operation Maze

by genx0521

Published on December 31, 2016

Create a Maze that buzzes when touched. 


Duration: 30 min

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Operation Maze

We build a maze using playdoh. The object of the game is too get trough the maze without making anything buzz. Like the game Operation.

STEP 2 : Build Maze

Build Maze with playdoh, having the inside all connect to the outside walls of the maze

STEP 3 : Circuit

Build circuit with power, makey makey and buzzer.

STEP 4 : Earth

Two grounds are needed as the maze needs a start and an exit - thus two seperate walls

STEP 5 : Mount

Mount your circuit close to your maze and tape it to the table

STEP 6 : Alligator clips

Plug alligator clip to one the the earth and into the outside wall. Plug other alligator clip to the other earth and into the other outside wall. Plug alligator clip into either left, right or space, you can use another conductor to the alligator clip like a carrot or just use the clip itself.

STEP 7 : Game On

Try going trough the maze from start to finish without making it buzz

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