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Notebook Hideaway, a Rule Your Room Invention

by KidGamer101

Published on September 9, 2016

Make a secret notebook that triggers a safe to open!


With the Rule Your Room Kit you can use Makey Makey to control your room! This invention helps keep your secret stash safe.


How To Make It


Gather all your materials. You will need a P1 Power, a Makey-Makey module, a servo, two alligator clips, stick dots, Legos, or any other construction material, lock box with a key, and two three-ring-binders with metal rings. Optional: magnets and mounting board.
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Build a box-like structure Use Legos to build a box-like structure to hold the key.
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Attach the servo Attach the servo on the corner of the roof using glue dots or any other sticky material. Optional: attach the magnets to hold the key.
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Make false roof Use a flat Lego piece to make a false roof so that the servo can easily lift the roof.
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Build the circuit Build the circuit attaching the P1-power - Makey-Makey - Servo. Optional: attach it to a mounting board. Put the circuit in one of the three-ring-binders.
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Attach the alligator clips Attach one of the alligator clips to the metal on the first three-ring-binder. Attach the other alligator clips to the metal on the second three-ring-binder.
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Test invention Place the lego box and the three-ring-binders on a bookshelf. When you touch the metal on both of the three-ring-binders, you close the circuit causing the Servo to move opening the false roof and revealing the hidden key.

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