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Noisy Scoreboard

by kelsey_littlebits

Published on October 8, 2015

Build a LEGO “ball catch” that sounds a buzzer with victory every time you score a point. This NOISY SCOREBOARD adds bells & whistles to the BUMPERBALL GAME or any other game you create that uses a small ball. 

This project is a REMIX of the BUMPERBALL GAME. You can simply add this ball catch to your existing game, or if you are feeling adventurous, you could even remix the whole Bumperball game in LEGO!

Duration: 30 min.

How To Make It

STEP 1 : BUILD A BUMPERBALL GAME. With just a few bits and some materials from your home, construct a BUMPERBALL GAME reminiscent of PINBALL GAMES of old.

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TEST YOUR CIRCUIT: When your hand covers the light sensor, the buzzer should go off. If not, try adjusting the the sensitivity of light sensor with the purple screwdriver.

STEP 3 : SNAP YOUR CIRCUIT onto a SOCKET-SIDE BRICK ADAPTER. Then connect the Brick Adapter to a LEGO base.

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STEP 4 : With LEGO, Build walls up around your light sensor to create a well for the ball to fall into.

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PRO TIP: Make sure at least one wall of the ball catch is shorter than the goal holes on your Bumperball game so that the ball can easily fall into the catch when you score!

STEP 5 : PLAY! Position your noisy scoreboard behind the goal and let the fans flock in to watch you hit your high score!

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CUSTOMIZE: Make up your own Bumperball structure! We used lots of LEGO bricks to create a space-themed game.

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