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by Vedantdesai

Published on January 8, 2017

This is my magic of invention challenge entry which is, like it say's in the name Nagini the snake.  I am a really big fan of Harry Potter and was excited to see this challenge. 

Duration: Few days

How To Make It


Snake Body For snake body, need four paper toilet rolls, cut the edge part to form a triangle, staple each roll as seen in the image.(Leave space between each roll when stapled so that they move freely). I used snake skin print out and glued on to the rolls.
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Assemble the circuit For the wheels what you would want to do is this. Power ~> Wireless receiver ~> dc motor on the right and left side of the three outputs on the receiver. For the controller you would do this. Usb power ~> Makey Makey ~> Wireless transmitter. For the body and mouth you would do this. Usb power ~> cloudbit ~> Fork ~> Split wire on one end and slide dimmer on another ~> end with slide dimmer add servo, on end with split wire add slide dimmer on both of the wire output ~> on the split wire end on both slide dimmers add servo's.
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Snake mouth Draw snake mouth on cardboard and then cut it out, attach one onto bottom of roll, attach servo motor vertically on the top of mouth as seen in the image. Requires few lego pieces to attach the second cut out to servo as seen in the image below.
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