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Musical Timer for Games

by JackANDJude

Published on November 6, 2014

Play music by flipping over a can.  The music gets faster and faster until you run out of time, so get busy!

Uses a tilt module and an Arduino bit.

How To Make It


Vote for JackANDJude's "Tilt Trigger" http://littlebits.cc/bitlab/bits/tilt-trigger .  To make a simple, non trigger, tilt switch, view the project called "Tilt Switch from A Button!"


Assemble this circuit: power + Proto Module (TILT) + (A0) Arduino (d9) + wire + speaker Mounting boards don't fit inside my small coffee can, so I used a Brick Adapter to keep the power + Proto + Arduino assembled.


Upload the Musical Timer.ino sketch to your Arduino. Remember to include the pitches.h file in the same folder as the .ino file.


Decorate a plastic cylinder that has a lid. I used a small plastic coffee can.


Stick the tilt trigger module on the lid. Turn on the circuit. Close the lid.

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